A secure cloud solution for more than a follow up of your employees and assests, for communicating with your partners, and for time & attendence registeration.

how it works


pin.all is a platform that does more than just recording the hours worked by your employees.

The follow-up, communication and cooperation with your partners, makes this platform an asset for your business.

In the following 7 steps the flow is explained:

  1. Capturing
  2. Registration
  3. Communication
  4. Cooperation
  5. Follow-up
  6. Processing
  7. Security

1. Capturing

pin.all offers a variety of options to register your employees. The registration methods are divided into ‘local’, ‘mobile’, ‘integrated’ and ‘manual’ registration.


The ‘local’ registration method is done by installing a device on site. These terminals can be simple devices, such as a telephone and badge reader, or more complex identification methods such as a palm scanner. Badge readers are able to read company badges, but also ConstruBadges® and MetalBadges, and can also be equipped with identity card readers.


To use the ‘mobile’ registration method, the employee sends a text message to the platform. A more secure method is the ‘mobile app’. This mobile application can not only identify an employee but is also equipped with geolocation.


The ‘integrated’ registration method uses the devices of the customer. With our integration options - APIs - a link can be made with the platform.


The ‘manual’ registration method is carried out by way of logging in on the platform. If an employee has forgotten to register or when a registration has to be corrected, this can all be done by using the various functions on the platform. The platform can be used on a pc, notebook, tablet or smartphone, all with an easy-to-use interface.


2. Registration

pin.all offers more than just capturing data. The validation of the captured data is supplemented with data from the platform and checked with the existing planning.


Thanks to the automatic processing of the ConstruBadge® and MetalBadge, administrative work is kept to a minimum. Employees are automatically created and linked to the right company.


A link using the convenient API functions of the platform allows you to carry out other validations and to add data.

These captured data are turned into a registration and can be used later in the process.

3. Communication

Would you like to be informed of any irregularities with regard to the registrations? pin.all can inform you correctly and at the right time.


We use various methods to inform you: notifications, text messages or email.


  • Notifications to report on irregularities regarding attendance - employees not arriving at work or being late or leaving early, etc. With pin.all you can respond proactively and propose an appropriate solution quickly and efficiently.
  • Text messages to report irregularities about malfunctioning equipment. Maybe the device is no longer connected or has been covered. You can take appropriate action to quickly and accurately offer a solution.
  • Emails to confirm a communication.

pin.all offers you the possibility to adjust these personal settings so that you only receive the necessary messages.


Of course, all the information can be viewed on the pin.all platform on your favourite device (pc, notebook, tablet or smartphone).

4. Cooperation

pin.all is the platform for cooperation with your partners, as a customer and a supplier.


No more problems with different logins and websites to collect your data. Everything is brought together in one overview and you have a clear view of all employees at the various sites.


No extra administrative work required to inform your partners. Provide your partner with secure access, so he can see the data to which you have granted him access.

No more emails with all kinds of overviews. When required, your partner is able to request the required data: simple and clear.


Integrations are limited to one interface. The API is used to create one link with your system and yet data from various partners can be requested.


pin.all is a platform that connects people and brings them together around the same data.


The unique data are saved in one secure place. This ensures the safety and reliability of your data.


5. Follow-up

pin.all makes following up your staff easy, quick and clear. 


  • pin.all can be accessed with various devices: desktop, notebook, tablet or smartphone.
  • The cloud platform is always available; any time, any place.
  • Cloud platform ensures high availability.
  • Various presentations of the data are possible, depending on your responsibility.
  • Fast and accurate follow-up of registrations, which can be easily compared with the planning.
  • Management of exceptions means less work and avoids errors.
  • Flexibility and clarity for your customer with less administrative work.
  • Faster processing of data.

6. Processing

All data can be processed within your own system for invoicing and payroll administration. To enable this, pin.all provides various APIs that can be set up as a service for your system:


  • Machine-to-machine communications:
    • Digitisation at source
    • Simple setup with clear information
    • Up and running in no time
  • Easy integration with your internal applications:
    • Integration of employee planning with pin.all
    • Invoicing and payroll administration with pin.all data
    • Integration of pin.all functions in your own applications
    • Export to Excel
    • Import with Excel
  • pin.all makes data and functions available with an API (Application Programme Interface):
    • API first design
    • Secure communication
  • Lower development costs of integration
  • Streamlined integration
  • Automatic processing of data


7. Security

The security of your data is important. The pin.all platform provides this security from 4 angles: use by employees, the systems, GDPR and the Azure cloud solution.


Security regarding the use by employees is based on a login, with linked profiles:

  • An administrator profile and standard profiles are automatically provided. Each company is able to create new profiles.
  • The functions used by the users are secure.
  • You can easily restrict access to information by your users.  You determine which business units and sites a user is able to see. 

Security for the systems is also based on a user profile. This offers the same options as the security of users. In order to avoid abuse, however, we use a mechanism which prevents direct contact with the database.