A secure cloud solution for more than a follow up of your employees and assests, for communicating with your partners, and for time & attendence registeration.


Simple follow-up of attendance at training sessions and courses.

Many organisations are required to maintain an attendance record of training sessions,

  • for example when employees must attend compulsory training on safety. Their presence and how long they are present must be recorded.
  • Technical staff must attend training on products or installations. The follow-up of these courses can take a lot of administrative work.
  • Professional organisations require a certain number of hours of specialisation training. This training can be done in various ways. Recording the attendance and duration can take a lot of administrative work.

pin.all offers a solution for the improved follow-up of employees’ presence at various forms of training. A simple mobile app allows employees, members and users to register at the training site. A simple link with your system exchanges all the data, without adding any administrative tasks.

Below follows a brief explanation of how this is done:

  1. A simple link with Excel allows the participants to be uploaded in pin.all. There is also an option to create an API link with your underlying CRM system.
  2. The participants install the pin.all mobile app on their smartphone.
  3. Upon arrival, they scan the QR Code at the entrance of the site.
  4. This automatically generates an overview of the people present (and absent) at the site (e.g. for an evacuation list).
  5. When leaving, the participants again scan the QR Code to end their attendance.
  6. All data can be consulted at the pin.all platform.
  7. It is also possible to export these data to Excel. And there is an option to create an API link with the underlying CRM system.

Simple and fast, and the responsibility for the correct registration lies with the participant.


  • fast registration of participants;
  • follow-up of attendance by the participants themselves;
  • little or no administrative work for attendance lists.


  • Use of the app, so participants can quickly register.
  • A link with Excel is provided as standard.
  • The link with API is fully detailed in pin.all