A secure cloud solution for more than a follow up of your employees and assests, for communicating with your partners, and for time & attendence registeration.


Facility management and follow-up of employees, both internally and externally, usually takes a lot of time. pin.all offers a solution for smooth follow-up using various methods and means. All registrations can be consulted in real-time on all devices - desktop, laptop, tablet and smartphone. A simple app allows your employees to easily register at the location. No installation, cables or other equipment required. A simple QR Code identifying the location will allow the tracking of all activities.


Facility management is faced with very varied activities in different locations and for different companies and customers. pin.all offers a wide range of solutions with regards to cleaning, reception, security, catering and maintenance. Transparency and trust are created by registering your employees at the pin.all platform. Both you, as a service provider, and your customer will have insight in the work carried out. If something unexpectedly happens - an employee is late or absent - you will automatically be informed. In this way you can respond proactively and quickly offer your customer a solution.


Cooperate with your partners, communicate and share data without any additional administrative work. This can be done on any device: desktop, laptop, tablet and smartphone, always and everywhere. Facility management consists of various types of activities: providing staff to carry out activities within the company of the customer, providing a service by seconding staff to the customer to carry out certain roles. Depending on the type of work, various means and devices are made available through pin.all.


In addition to the type of activity, the frequency, position and number of people determine in which way cooperation can take place.


  • If only one person is at work at a particular location, the mobile app is probably the most efficient way. But a telephone call on a landline can also be used. Another option is text messages.
  • If several people are present at the customer’s site over a longer period, devices such as the pin1000 and pin3000 offer a perfect solution. A mobile app can, of course, also be used.
  • If one or more people are working at the site of a customer that provides services for another company (e.g. the security sector), pin.all also offers the right solution for the service company and (end) customer. In this situation all type of devices can be used.

pin.all is a cloud platform and although the registration method may be different, we want you to know who is where and when. This can be directly followed on the platform with your chosen device - desktop, notebook, tablet or smartphone. Are they all present? Who is absent? Who arrived late? Who left early? These are all questions that pin.all is able to answer. By uploading your staff planning at pin.all (which can also be done by registering contracts) you will be immediately informed of any irregularities. With a simple text message or a notification on the platform, you will always know where and when you have to take action.


Keeping your customer properly informed can take a lot of administrative work. The solution is to provide your customer with access to the data so he can check staff at his locations. Simple and fast. If he wants to be informed of any anomalies, he can view these easily at the pin.all platform. It is a smart way of working together with your customer, and you are offering him a simple and fast service.


Would you like to export data from Excel to pin.all? All it takes is one click.


Would you like to do even more and automatically invoice your customers? This is possible too, by linking the API function to your internal system. All the necessary APIs are available. With this same link you can also process the data for payroll purposes. And your customer can use this platform to verify the work carried out.


  • pin.all offers various registration methods through phone calls, text messages, badges or mobile apps. The choice is determined by frequency and quantity.
  • pin.all improves your communication and transparency with your customer, which increases confidence.
  • A quick check of attendance matched with your planning will reduce the administrative work required at the end of the day, week and month.
  • Easy integration with your invoicing and payment system ensures less administration and verification at the end of the month.


  • Integrate your planning either by importing an Excel file or by using the fully detailed API.
  • Export your registrations either through Excel or by using the fully detailed API.