A secure cloud solution for more than a follow up of your employees and assests, for communicating with your partners, and for time & attendence registeration.


pin.all offers a complete solution for monitoring attendance at the site and time tracking. All with a minimum of associated administrative work. Registration at CheckinatWork is fully automatic.


Cooperate with your partners, communicate and share data without any administrative work. This can be done on any device: desktop, laptop, tablet and smartphone, always and everywhere.



Many people work at your construction site: your employees and the employees of contractors and subcontractors. In order to be sure who is actually present, lists are completed by hand and without further verification. pin.all makes things easy. With the construbadge® each person is unambiguously registered, without you having to do any administration. This is also practical for evacuation lists and site inspections.


There are two simple registration methods: with the mobile-app or with a badge:


Mobile app (requires an installation code for the app on the smartphone)

The app is installed on the smartphone and scans the code of your site. The QR Code that is scanned corresponds with the registration number of the site or it can be an individual code related to the location of the site. By way of GPS coordinates it is checked that the person has actually arrived at the site. When leaving the yard, exactly the same happens. pin.all automatically recognises that a person is leaving after he is scanned as being ‘ON SITE’.


Badge (requires the installation of a badge reader such as the PIN3000)

An individual badge is created for a person previously registered at the pin.all platform. By creating such a badge this person can be clearly identified. The badge may be issued by both the contractor and the subcontractor. Because of the relationship between the two parties, the registration at the site is correctly linked to both parties.

The construbadge® (and MetalBadge) does not require prior registration of the person at the pin.all platform. The registration automatically creates the required data of the person, even if the person is not an employee of the company. For people working for other companies, the required date is automatically created too but this requires additional administrative tasks. When leaving the site, the person scans the badge in order to register as being ‘OFF SITE’.


On the​​​​​​​ pin.all platform​​​​​​​

  • each registration is automatically checked to see if a ​​​​​​​CheckinatWork notification is required;
  • an overview can be obtained of all the persons present at the site;
  • an evacuation list of persons present at the site can be obtained;
  • all data are available for contractors and subcontractors;
  • can be integrated with your systems to register notifications;
  • if planning is available, notifications regarding irregularities can also be sent.


  • CheckinatWork:
    • Automatic registration at Checkinatwork.
  • Smooth registration and follow-up of the sites:
    • no manual registration of subcontractors required
    • automatic recognition of the ConstruBadge® and MetalBadge
    • continuous overview of the people present on the site
    • automatic evacuation list
    • reduced administration at the site
  • Integration with own systems for site supervision and subcontractors.
  • Option to link to access.


  • Integrate your planning either by importing an Excel file or by using the fully detailed API.
  • Export your registrations either through Excel or by using the fully detailed API.