A secure cloud solution for more than a follow up of your employees and assests, for communicating with your partners, and for time & attendence registeration.


All cleaning companies are different and their activities can vary widely: cleaning homes, offices or retail spaces, windows and façades, industrial areas, food production areas where hygiene and safety are a priority, ...


Each of these activities requires an individual approach for the follow-up of employees. pin.all offers the option to closely follow all these activities on a single platform.


The frequency of cleaning, the number of employees at the same site and the accessibility of the sites can also be very different.


For this reason, various devices and methods have been developed for pin.all.

With pin.all you have less administrative work and you can focus on providing high-quality service to your customers.


Uploading the planning of your employees

  • You can use contracts to upload your planning in pin.all. 
  • Your planning can also be uploaded through Excel. We have developed some simple functions for this purpose.
  • Uploading your planning from your own system can be done via an API.

Notifications on your smartphone

  • You will be notified when employees arrive at the site late or leave early.
  • You can choose which locations to follow up.

Overviews of employees

  • There are various overviews available at the pin.all platform, such as attendance and matching with planning.
  • You can export the data to Excel with one simple click.



  • pin.all offers various registration methods: through telephone calls, text messages, badges or mobile apps. The choice is determined by the frequency and number of employees on a site.
  • pin.all allows transparent communication with your customers, which improves confidence.
  • A quick check of attendance matched with your planning will reduce the administrative work required at the end of the day, week and month.
  • Easy integration with your invoicing and payment system ensures less administration and verification at the end of the month.


  • Integrate your planning either by importing an Excel file or by using the fully detailed API.
  • Export your registrations either through Excel or by using the fully detailed API.